We Respect Your Privacy

This Privacy Statement applies to all information collected from our Subscribers through the Site.

MedNotice values the trust that our subscribers repose in us. We respect and will protect your privacy. This Privacy Statement describe the privacy practices and policies of MedNotice, LLC.

Your use of the Site signifies your acceptance of this Privacy Statement and MedNotice, LLC's privacy policies. Please exit the Site immediately if you are not satisfied with this Privacy Statement and our privacy policies.

Terms Used in this Privacy Statement

  • We or MedNotice refers to MedNotice, LLC. The forms "our" and "we" are used in reference to MedNotice, LLC.
  • You or Subscriber refers to the Subscriber. The forms "your" and "you" are used in reference to Subscriber.
  • Site refers to the MedNotice, LLC World Wide Web Site, the URL of which is MedNotice.com.
  • Subscriber Documents or Documents refer to the documents you provide to us for storage and retrieval.
  • PIN is the confidential personal identification number we supply to you. Think of it as a secret password. The PIN allows access to the Documents.

The Information We Collect

MedNotice will not sell, rent, loan, trade or exchange any personally identifiable information about you.

MedNotice collects the minimum information about you that is necessary for us to allow you to use our services. We use only the information you provide to us. You consent to the collection and use of your information in the manner provided in this Privacy Statement by using the Site and the services of MedNotice.

Subscriber Registration

You must complete a Subscriber Registration in order to use MedNotice's services. The Subscriber Registration requires you to provide the following personal information to us: your name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address.

MedNotice possesses the information contained in the documents you provide to us.

The Documents may include information regarding your wishes with respect to health care and information on how to contact your health care proxy (sometimes referred to as your "patient advocate").

We will not release your PIN. You are responsible for the security of the PIN we supply you. You agree to take reasonable measures to ensure that no unauthorized person obtains your PIN. If you have reason to believe that your PIN has been obtained by an unauthorized person, you will advise MedNotice, and MedNotice will deactivate the account or provide a new PIN, as you direct.

In the future, MedNotice may enter into agreements with partner companies to make available to our subscribers certain products, services and/or information which we believe may be beneficial to you. If making such future products, services and/or information available to you requires information-sharing with partner companies, you will be alerted in this section of this page of the Site.

In addition, your Subscriber Profile will be used to help MedNotice serve your interests and to help us understand usage and commerce trends. Our analysis of usage and commerce trends takes the form of aggregated statistics and is anonymous - your name and contact information are never associated with usage and commerce patterns. MedNotice may distribute trend information to third parties, such as advertisers or industry participants. Again, this information would only contain statistics about usage and commerce; no subscriber-specific information would be included. We may charge third parties for this information.

Use of the Information We Collect

MedNotice will display the Document(s) when the Site receives your PIN. You agree to disclosure of the stored document(s) to: your health care providers (e.g., doctors, hospitals, senior care facilities); your health care proxy, patient advocate or other like individual; (iii) your relatives and family members; or (4) any other person who supplies MedNotice with your PIN.

At all times you will be able to control to whom your Documents by delivering (or withholding delivery of your PIN. We will provide you with a wallet card or driver's license/identification card sticker containing your PIN. We STRONGLY urge you to carry the card or sticker at all times! With the PIN, your Documents can be accessed even if you are incapacitated. This is the essence of the MedNotice system.

MedNotice will use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that your Documents are accessed only by persons who possess your PIN. The Internet carries certain inherent risks of disclosure which are beyond the control of MedNotice (for example, an unauthorized individual may access the Documents after their receipt by the intended recipient, by viewing a faxed, e-mailed, or filed Document that has been downloaded or printed from the Site, or by breaching our security system. You agree to hold MedNotice harmless from liability or damages arising from such unauthorized disclosure.

You acknowledge that the Documents are subject to disclosure by legal process, such as subpoena or court order. We will not oppose or resist such subpoena or court order unless we have entered into an agreement that indemnifies us for the cost of the legal action.

Removing or Changing Your Information

You may contact MedNotice via the web Site, email, phone, or fax with a request to remove your information from our database at any time. We will complete the request within one business day. Unfortunately we will be unable to refund any portion of your registration fee.


We may use your e-mail address to send you updates about the Site and new services we may offer. We expect that there will be a low volume of such e-mails, typically fewer than two per month. MedNotice also may use your e-mail address to contact you for purposes connected to administration of the Site and to facilitate the use of our services. For example, MedNotice may e-mail you to confirm renewal of your registration or periodically remind you to update your Documents.

IP Address Tracking

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. All computer identification on the Internet is conducted with IP addresses, which allow computers and servers to recognize and communicate with each other. If a visitor requests pages from the Site, MedNotice enters the visitor's IP address into a log. To protect the anonymity of visitors, we do not associate IP addresses with our records that contain personal information. MedNotice uses your IP address to administer our Site, to collect and report aggregate information to sponsors and advertisers (in the aggregate), and to monitor usage of the Site. Usage statistics obtained through IP address tracking are used only to help identify popular areas of the Site and to enhance performance planning.

Our Efforts to Secure the Site

The Site is highly secure and designed to foil attempts at unauthorized access to information. We have chosen to use a hardware/software combination recently adopted by the United States Army for their secure web sites. During Site development, we also invited members of the web programming industry to attempt to break in to our secured information areas. Numerous attempts were made from all over the world. Our security was never breached.

Links to Other Sites

In order to provide you with valuable information in a convenient manner, the Site contains links to other World Wide Web sites operated by third parties. MedNotice is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites, and such sites are not subject to this Privacy Statement. We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policy/privacy statement of each other site you visit.

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